Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan

  • A certified worldwide medical insurance plan with HK$420,000 annual benefit limit1,2
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Key features

  • Officially certified Standard Plan from the government with clear terms and conditions
  • Claim a tax deduction up to HK$8,000 in premium annually3
  • No ward class restriction (Covering private, semi-private and ward room level)
  • Unknown pre-existing conditions are covered, subject to a waiting period4
  • Eligible to enrol on or before 80 years old and guaranteed renewal up to 100 years old5
  • Cover for medical expenses as a result of congenital condition(s) with symptoms appearing or diagnosed after age 8 4

What we cover

  • Covers necessary medical expenses up to HK$420,000 every year which will be restored in the next policy year
  • Covers hospital expenses (eg. Specialist's, Surgeon's, Anesthetist's fee)
  • Covers surgeries performed in a clinic or day-case unit of a hospital (eg. wound sutures, plaster casts and endoscopies)
  • Covers prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments (eg. radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy)
  • Covers prescribed diagnostic imaging tests (eg. MRI and CT scans)6
  • Covers psychiatric treatments2
【Limited Time Offer】Enjoy 20% off now#!
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Other features

  • No medical examination required for enrolment
  • 21-day cooling off period
  • No claims-based charges – Your premium will be based on your age only, no matter how many claims you have made
  • 24/7 Customer Care helpdesk


Why choose Hong Kong’s medical insurance expert?

Global healthcare specialist

  • Bupa began in the UK in 1947. We are a leading international healthcare organisation with over 70 years of experience.
  • Apart from providing health insurance, we run clinics, hospitals, dental centres care homes, and more in many countries like the UK, Australia and Spain. Our focus in healthcare funding and services explains why we have the expertise and resources to provide you with smart and suitable solutions in healthcare.


Trusted brand

  • Health insurance provider to Hong Kong’s 19,000 civil servants for more than 20 years running.
  • We’ve gained the trust of more than 400,000 individuals, 3,200 companies.
  • Almost half of our customers have been Bupa members for 3 years and more.

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